Services Offered...

-Weekly dance classes (Bollywood, Aerial Silks and Tumbling)
- Workshops in schools
- Wedding services
- Private class, choreography for individuals or group
- Professional Performances
- Corporate workshops
- Flash mobs

2018-2019 Registration dates

August 4th 11am to 3pm

2018-2019 Schedule

Monday 4pm (3 years to 5 years) Regular Class
Monday 5pm (Boys) 
Monday 6pm (6 to 10 years) Regular Class
Monday 7pm (Seniors Bollywood Class)

Tuesday 5pm (5 years to 10 years) Aerial Silks Class
Tuesday 8pm (Adults) Competition Class

Wednesday 4pm (4 years to 5 years) Competition Class
Wednesday 5pm (6 years to 7 years) Competition Class
Wednesday 6pm (8 years to 10 years) Competition Class

Thursday 6pm (5 years to up) Tumbling/Stunts Class
Thursday 7pm (7 years to 12 years) Advanced Aerial Silks Class
Thursday 8pm (13 & above) Advanced Aerial Silks Class 

Friday 4:30pm (11 years to 13 years) Competition Class
Friday 5:30pm (13 years to 15 years) Competition Class
Friday 6:30pm (11 years to 13 years) Competition Class
Friday 7:30pm (13 years to 15 years) Competition Class

Saturday 9am (16 years & above) Advanced Class
Saturday 10:15am (11 years to 15 years) Advanced Class

More classes to be decided!

NOTE: Competition classes are only till December 1st in which the students are required to compete in a Talent Show. 

Talent Show Competition
December 1st
Bob Carr Theater